Thursday, 4 December 2008

My first blog!!!!

Hello all and welcome to my first blog. please excuse the spellings as i am slightly dyslexic and sometimes get confused by long words!!!

Ok so how am i going to set up this blog. i am going to take the format form alot of Pod casts i listen too which include:-

  • Fly Reckless
  • The Drone bay
  • The Combobulater
  • Van Hemlock

So the format will be

  1. Intro
  2. Games i have been playing
  3. Topic of the week ( if i have any and feel free to email me!)
  4. Any other busness
  5. Home work ( homework??? yes but not the type you think!)

ok so check back in teh next week when i put my stuff down on screen, i have some stuff i have been working on, but work has not been nice to me so i havent been able to get much time

See you on the flip side


1 comment:

Midwest Gamer Podcast said...

awesome. looking forward to seeing what you're playing.

Matt (MWG)