Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My first PvP!

"Come on we have there caps tackled" Is posted in alliance chat. "We need more people! Titan bridge is ready to go"

Ok so my pvp experience to this point has been very limited and to be honest I have never been in a proper fleet, with most of my losses being in a belt while trying to make iskies. I make the 1 jump to our home system and look in my carrier. Oh the choices, Onyx, rifter, wolf, or my raptor. Humm choices. So I decide to pick up my raptor

"Where is everyone? Titan bridge will be closing in 2 mins" so I post my location and high tail it 4 jumps to the Titan. Ok so my first Titan jump bridge went as smooth as it could have and it was just like jumping a cap ship. I am now on team speak listening to he FC giving orders on where to join the fleet

"don't worry about orange targets they are all helping us. Just kill reds."

So I jump along another 6 jumps to my old stomping grounds with Vanguard in wicked creek. On the way another blue and myself managed to kill a Stabber in XV-MWG. All the late straggles, of which i am one, finally meet up with the fleet on the F5 gate. Our scout jumps threw the gate and has nothing, his grid has froze.

"700 in local and he gate is clear"
"Jump jump jump" comes over the coms and then the lag starts. My grid won't load and I am sitting there typing to corpies having a laugh that I am not in a pod yet!

Finally the FC gang warps us to a planet where we wait for the rest of the fleet to sync. The F5 system has now hit over 1k people and we know lag is going to be bad. Atlas are spamming in local and the FC warps us to the enemy gate. Then the fun started FC called a Heretic as primary, and I managed to get a lock. Talk about rubber banding! I activated mods and waited I got a yellow box come up! I hit him which was amazing with all the lag. FC then calls 2 more targets and I try to lock and engage, which I must have on 1 as again I end up on the KM

"Align to planet!" that's all I am hearing over coms now so I am trying. MWD active trying to get out of the dictor and drop bubbles range. I am spamming the warp to link and get the dreaded "local interference is stopping you from warping" rubbish is this going to be the end of my pvp? Some how I got to the planet, and see 1 other blue. Wow talk about desync and a half!

"Goons just jumped in a cap fleet! They are Dooms Daying the gate" OK so we are all having a laugh about this and the FC gets us to jump back to the gate. I can't see a thing, no ships and just the gate activating. I do something very silly and accidentally jump threw the gate where I get disconnected. I log back in feeling the worst and yep I am in a red camp but still alive. I high tail it to the gate and spam the jump button. I start to take damage and I scream at the screen to jump. I did! I got back into F5 and see reds! Not many as most of them have jumped threw but we pick off a couple I start to tackle a rokh and see his pod. I go in for the kill. Lag is still bad and don't know if I have him or not.

The FC tells us to get out of the system and start heading back. We all get threw and make 5 jumps in blue space. Cepters got the go ahead to go on and so so i do with a few others.

Here is where my inexperience shows. I see 2 reds on a gate and ignore them. I zoom onto the next and see more reds jumping threw. Ok any sain person would have thought " where are they going too?" but I jump threw anyway, right into a red camp. Oh crap

So there I am in a bubble and miles ahead of the fleet. I try my luck, it's worked once so lets try again. MWD active I head to the gate and spam the jump button, but it's all too laggy and before I know it I am sitting in a fresh clone. Oh no! There goes my set of +4's too.

So lessons learnt:-

1:- PvP in a jump clone! Yes it's 24 hours with lower skill training but better than loosing 150mil! 13 mil for a clone is 2 hours ratting at worst

2:- never go too far ahead of the main fleet! Noob error

3:- cepters are fun!

4:- blob warfare isn't good for eve. No wait lag isn't good for eve

So that was my first ever pvp op and from no kills to 6 in one night! It was fun and have 5 cepters fully fitted and ready to fly.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A short word from Geddonz

hi there!

ok so heres a quick update....... should have more time soon but things are a bit manic still

so for step one!! What games have i been playing, oh sheesh i wish i had done this sooner as my list is a bit of a long one so here goes:-

Red Faction gurrilla warfare
Forza 2 ( with new stering wheel!)
COD world at war
Battle field 1943
gears of war 2

anno 1404
and a close beta i cant talk about :(

ok so thats the gamer section done! wow its a long list. i havent got a topic this week as i am pushed for time, but i will review these games once i settle down into them and workr my way threw... i can already tell which games i will drop quite quickly.

right so onto the next bit EVE online.... well i have 2 charictors 1 at 20mil sp and the other at 65mil sp. thinks in eve have gone a bit wrong latley with joining some alliances which then get bashed by other like CoW and goons but we are looking at somewhere else and its very hush hush atm

ok as this is a quick post onto my next thing. i have a steering wheel on teh xbox and waiting for my new one to come for my pc. i am so getting into Iracing and i cant race yet!! i am a petral head at heart

a quick homework section is read "the player of games" by Iain M Banks and let me know what you think!

see you on the flip side


Monday, 27 July 2009

A long.... long.... long... time ago

hello there....

well a while back i desided i wanted to do a blog and i had a format all set out. ( see last post) Well as most things life got in the way, but now i am ( hopefully ) back and will resume a normal service... i need to get some evers onto this!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

My first blog!!!!

Hello all and welcome to my first blog. please excuse the spellings as i am slightly dyslexic and sometimes get confused by long words!!!

Ok so how am i going to set up this blog. i am going to take the format form alot of Pod casts i listen too which include:-

  • Fly Reckless
  • The Drone bay
  • The Combobulater
  • Van Hemlock

So the format will be

  1. Intro
  2. Games i have been playing
  3. Topic of the week ( if i have any and feel free to email me!)
  4. Any other busness
  5. Home work ( homework??? yes but not the type you think!)

ok so check back in teh next week when i put my stuff down on screen, i have some stuff i have been working on, but work has not been nice to me so i havent been able to get much time

See you on the flip side