Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A short word from Geddonz

hi there!

ok so heres a quick update....... should have more time soon but things are a bit manic still

so for step one!! What games have i been playing, oh sheesh i wish i had done this sooner as my list is a bit of a long one so here goes:-

Red Faction gurrilla warfare
Forza 2 ( with new stering wheel!)
COD world at war
Battle field 1943
gears of war 2

anno 1404
and a close beta i cant talk about :(

ok so thats the gamer section done! wow its a long list. i havent got a topic this week as i am pushed for time, but i will review these games once i settle down into them and workr my way threw... i can already tell which games i will drop quite quickly.

right so onto the next bit EVE online.... well i have 2 charictors 1 at 20mil sp and the other at 65mil sp. thinks in eve have gone a bit wrong latley with joining some alliances which then get bashed by other like CoW and goons but we are looking at somewhere else and its very hush hush atm

ok as this is a quick post onto my next thing. i have a steering wheel on teh xbox and waiting for my new one to come for my pc. i am so getting into Iracing and i cant race yet!! i am a petral head at heart

a quick homework section is read "the player of games" by Iain M Banks and let me know what you think!

see you on the flip side


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